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Acoustic Evening
8th Aug

updated: 05-May-2018

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KLM Acoustic evening - Wednesday 8th August

7:30pm, 3 Jade Lane, Paraparaumu



A Note from Nigel Parry

Nigel Parry

Well .. Um .. Gosh
I confess, I'm a bit happy and humbled. Ship of Dreams just won a songwriting competition.
It's an odd feeling - there were many really good songs, so when third place was announced, I thought; 'Yeah, good song.' Second place was announced and I thought; 'Really liked that one. Nice.'
Then, as you do, started casting my eyes around the room; who was going to be the winner? There were quite a few worthy candidates.
So when Ship of Dreams was announced, it took a few seconds to register.
It's the only songwriting competition I've won. Then again, it's the only one I've ever entered (usual crisis of confidence).
Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on Facebucket.
And if you'd like to find out a bit more, maybe see the lyrics and the story behind the song, there's this blog post.
And .. well .. um .. gosh [blushes].




Cohen/Dylan Tribute at St Peter's Hall. All participants (1hr 15min)






The FLASH player below has some local songs.
Then a selection of adverts we had for guests some time ago, just for posterity.

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