Local Artist Collection:
A great night if ever there was one...
Bob and Tracey
Bob Copper-Grundy
A tough job for the man on the door. Sipping on a pint and eyeing up the two bottles of wine, basket of organic breads and two CDs ready for the $2-a-ticket-raffle of the evening - Andrew White and Ddub CDs.
[Gluten free organic Bread and CDs kindly donated by PureBread of Paraparumu]
The blonde, moving too quick for the camera, flashes a smile as the doorman glances at her and reaches for the beer. Which one will it be...
Smart doorman
Boggy draws the raffle and as MC, introduces Andrew who gets ready to play and sing and play (and play)
The BIRTHDAY BOY!! Ramon soundly managing the sound
Andrew White begins with people already filling the wings
Will he notice the Guiness?
Stupid question (and he's still playing, hammering on with left hand fingers)
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