December 6th 2013 Acoutic Routes Open Mic night at Mojo Invincible, hosted by Kevin Ikin:
1. Mike Jamieson (guitar) and Kate Roberts (singer).

No 2 was actually Paul Brady and Gary Allen, representing the coast on the day, but no picture. Why? Well, one was the photographer...


2. Sarah Smout, from the UK.
Not a multi-instramentalist, but a Cellist. Even so, very nice singing with guitar

3. Murray Kilpatrick with Gordon Chamley on harp.
Bit 'o Blues
4. Philippa Boy (hurdy gurdy) and Nigel Parry (singer).
Both seen at Finns - Nigel you might call a regular now?
5. Tony Ricketts.
6. Alan Wells (with Nigel Parry adjusting the mic).
7. Karen Munro.
8. Wiremu (with 12-string guitar).
9. Alan Downes.
10. Murray Kilpatrick
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