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2007 - Antony 'Maddog' Maddock

Antony 'Maddog' Maddock

AKA Tony F*#kin Mad



I am your typical Musician/Music freak who can't get enough, just like the ones your sitting next to in the club;o) I Sing, Write, Play guitar, Bass, and generally mess around with everything else I come across,.. wishing I had the time to learn them all properly! I have basically gigged the last fifteen(?) years away and would do it all again!.. with The Fabulous Pakehas 91-07, Rude Mood 97-07, Lemon Spitfire 91-95, Sleeping dogs 95-98, The Stacks 05-07 and more,.. including Gas Guzzlers, + Rod Stewart/David Bowie Tributes...


Description of music

Energetic, happy, uplifting,.. (who wants to hear sad sack/prison sex/violent shit,... not me), aren't we here to party!

Who/What have been your main musical influences ?

Any one that has hummed a nice tune and had someone hear it! Stevie Ray Vaughan made me want to play,...better & more seriously, also, Brian Setzer, Jim Campinlongo, Darren Watson, Paul Bazuk, Jonny Lang and most Kiwi Bands, most all classic rock, Hendrix, The Stones, Beatles. I could go on for ever!...  
Your greatest musical moment? woah Man? its all good!... However, I must say the true creation of something original, in a band situation, when everyone IS ON and yet almost not sure what's gonna happen next is the best, performing is a close second.
Your musical dream?

After years of playing tributes and covers its really good to do only originals, so I guess I dream about a song in the charts, and on TV, Or to Play Stevie Ray Vaughan in Texas, to Texans.

Your best recent listen?

Anything by Brian Setzer, love that big band stuff with the horns! ...anyone keen?

Your thoughts about the Kapiti Live Music Club? I have been a member for a couple of years? and it is the best. Lots on the go. Awesome very, VERY good, nice, genuine people is what makes it so. I wish I lived on the coast to get more of a fix!
Contact Details.

phone_number=0274 368 083

website www.myspace.com/thestacksnz

others: www.myspace.com/rudemoodnz www.myspace.com/thefabulouspakehas