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FEBRUARY 2004 - Danilo Blazer




My name is Danilo . I am a Philipino I have been here in NZ for 18 years . I am married to Cherllisha and we have two children - Olivia (15) and Ezra (10). We live in Pukerua Bay and we all love music. I am a freelance singer, songwriter and guitarist.
Description of music

I mainly do ballads - a mixture of classical, Latino and my own style. I play half covers and half own original songs.

Who/What have been your main musical influences ?

Cat Stevens. Don MacLean. Simon and Garfunkel. Kansas . Filipino folk songs. Ottmar Liebert playing a gypsy style of flamenco.

Your greatest musical moment?

Playing my two concerts at Tahora at the last music festival. I was blown away by the response of the people. It was overwhelming. I really connected to them while I was singing and they really listened to me. Also the Organic Festival - that was my biggest audience yet - a lazy afternoon crowd - it was great.

Your musical dream?

To be able to share some philosophy through my music - to express my thoughts about what's going on. There are some messages I want to sing. I just love it! Supporting other musicians is also my dream.

Your best recent listen?

My friend, Braden, performed three songs at a recent open mic night - his first time on the microphone. He enjoyed himself and realized he can do it. He has an awesome voice. From that one performance his passion increased 100%. It was neat. Its really amazing to see him doing it straight away and shake his hand for doing it - it was magic.

Your thoughts about the Kapiti Live Music Club?

It's a place for everyone who loves music. Being involved in the last two years and helping promote the club and do the advertising. The club can really help everyone - it's a place for all of us to share our music. We can all support each other and make our music livelier than ever!

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