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SEPTEMBER 2004 - Captain Dazzle



Did a fire walk in Cape Conway Airlie Beach Whitsundays three years ago (2000) and when i finished i had rhythm! thanks to a great friends of mine called Zach and Zoe. The venue was Dr Chris's Castle. In the firewalk you get the opportunity to get rid of things in your life and ask for new things. The rhythm was gifted to me and i have been a drummer ever since! Done some playing and busking and i cant get enough of it!.
Description of music

Jungle Trance. When i drum i talk to the light. I love to dance so i close my eyes and dance with my hands, tickle the leather and feel the pleasure. I love to play to dance music but more than anything i love playing with others live - the more the merrier!

Who/What have been your main musical influences ?

My early influences were Jerry Rafferty - Baker Street, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, America and then there's Queen. I loved "I want to break free" That got me through my teenage years. When Freddy Merucury came out in a Tutu with a Vacuum Cleaner - blew me away to the point of not really caring about what people think. Knowing that you are good.
Your greatest musical moment?
Started a Blues Club on the Waiheke Ferry - The Baroona. 107 foot long and 100 years old. I was organising, promoting the music - doing everythng but playing. Then i was asked by the Muso's to join in so i jumped in with a guy playing a 3 stringed guitar with a broken neck, another guy playing a pig skin over a pot plant and a broken old cymbol. It was awesome - i started singing the history of the ship and it all went from there... it sling shotted me into it.
Your musical dream?

To change the attitude of the world, share a little bit of light and love with everybody. Spent 40 years trying to make a buck - the next 40 is trying to change the world. Music is the great way to distribute love's message - Musicians should be politicians.

Your best recent listen?

Sunday at Karen's place. A Sunday of original music, original people - we need a bigger venue! We had a whole lot of musical politicians there sharing their original music. Second best listen - the 3rd Tuesday of the month at Music Club.

Your thoughts about the Kapiti Live Music Club?

Awesome sounds. Great. Smashing. Good looking women - great looking guys too for that matter!

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