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MARCH 2004 - Bos O'Sullivan


Description of music

Singing-wise - terrible. Guitar-wise - mainly blues. I just love the late 50's Chicago electric blues and it's derivatives. I like country guitar too - but don't play it that much - don't really know how to. If I write stuff it's usually slow, serious, and acoustic, as distinct from my electric stuff which is blues/rocky and 'up'.

Who/What have been your main musical influences ?

Buddy Guy, BB King, Peter Green, Clapton, Eagles, Keith Urban, Grant Hindin Miller, and the stuff Cindy Lauper sang on "She's So Unusual'.

Your greatest musical moment? 10 years ago, when I discovered I could write songs.
Your musical dream? Very simple and unambitious - play guitar in an occasional wedding band or something like that. Write more songs. Play better and with more variety and versatility.
Your best recent listen?

Loved Karen Hunter a few weeks back at the Waterfront.

Your thoughts about the Kapiti Live Music Club? A bit of fun. A good way to meet friends and new people. A great venue to get up there and learn from your mistakes and nobody worries.
Contact Details.
bos@paradise.net.nz or Tel (04) 904 1590.