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FEBRUARY 2005 - Nigel Parry



I'm a guitarist and like most musicians like to dabble with other instruments, bass in particular. I tend to play electric guitar in gig situations but I love the acoustic when I'm on my own.

Description of music

There's a blues tinge to a lot of my music, with some jazzy moments in there too. I like simplicity in music, one note can say so much, if its played with total committment.

Who/What have been your main musical influences ?

Where I grew up, where I have lived and pretty much everything I listen to, but the music that blew me away when I was in my teens was from bands like Police, The Members, Split Enz, Clapton, BB King, Rolling Stones, Bob Marley and even Beethoven. More recently, I've come to appreciate how NZ music has stepped into its own, people like the Runga's, the Finns, the Muttonbirds, the many of the Wellington roots and jazz tinged bands.

Your greatest musical moment?

There's a been a few, sometimes when I'm playing and sometimes when I'm listening to a live act, when the energy, the groove, all the people in the room, are all in sync and this nirvana-like feeling happens. On a really good gig the after-buzz lasts for a few days. And the KLMC's 2004 May Music Marathon was one of those gigs, yeah!

Your musical dream?
To come back in the next life as the bastard child of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Annie Crummer...
Your best recent listen?

Trinity Roots, Home Land and Sea. It encapsulates living in New Zealand so beautifully. I love the opening song, though I suspect it was "heavily inspired" by Randy Newman's Baltimore:
      "Aotearoa, you're so beautiful.   
       Aint it hard to be believe,
       You're so beautiful"

Your thoughts about the Kapiti Live Music Club?

Fantastic. Huge thanks to all those that put so much into it, Karen, Danilo, Alistair and all those that support it, its a fine institution.

Contact Details.
phonenumber: 027 2684912
emailaddress: nigel@parry.net.nz