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JULY 2004 - Tyree Robertson



New Zealand's response to Janis and Etta, Tyree has been blazing an original trail across national stages for the past 14 years.Now , with recently formed band LADYBOY - comprising Maurice Phillips (on skins), Nick Christie (bassdude) and Dave Needham (keys) the passion is definitely unleashed and out loud.
Description of music

The music is a Blues, Rock, Jazz Fusion with a political tongue and emotional kickback. I have a definite drive to invite my audience in, to recognise them from my vantage point on stage and to be recognised. I guarantee to remove the bland gland and get an audience involved.

Who/What have been your main musical influences ?

My first musical influences were my brother Craig Robertson - an over achiever in the Australasian Country scene, whose voice was a benchmark for me in smooth and powerful - and my Dad, who is blessed with a moving tenor voice. Oh yeah, and Janis and Etta - who show us women can rock! In Etta James case, into their 70's.
Your greatest musical moment?
That is hard to define. It might have been singing 'Mr Lucifer' at the Civic Theatre in Auckland, with full band, motorbikes and grinder girls onstage. Or maybe the 10,000 plus in Aotea square for the New Millenium party, 99-00. Or the deaf kids that rock at one of my schools. Nah it was just saying I have a right and doing it at 28. You choose.
Your musical dream?

Coming true…to do a very classy album, with a great engineer
(Steve Upston) and an incredible, intuitive group of musicians (LADYBOY) to an audience that is primed and ready after the hard yards..mine not theirs....promise. And to rock like Etta into my seventies and to never end like Janis did.

Your best recent listen?

A good many of the tracks from Hinemoana Baker's coming album drafts, absolutely stunning stuff. Also Al Witham's recent release "Just Is".

Your thoughts about the Kapiti Live Music Club?

I have spent many years promoting original music around the country and I think the kapiti Live Music Club is a rrreally good thing on the Coast and encourage everyone who attends (especially players,but not only) to be actively involved in the running of nights etc. So the energy stays strong and we grow and maintain this for the most important group at any open night - the fledglings. Without them music stops at some point. So yeah, all good - and get cracking. Upskill and have fun too.

Contact Details.
(04)905 9008 Tyree@clear.net.nz