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MAY 2004 - Craig Talbot



Originally from Nelson but I have been living on the Coast for 22 years. I am a singer songwriter. I have had a band - Craig Talbot and The Last of the Big Spenders. I have performed at a few cafes and acoustic music centers around Wellington and on the Coast.
Description of music

I do a mix of solo and band performance in an accoustic rock based style. I write songs about everyday life - you know, being in love and out of love. The song is the most important thing - feeling the tension and anguish ...telling the story. Capturing the moment with each word and phrase.

Who/What have been your main musical influences ?

Bob Dylan - John Hiatt - Keith Richards - Sam Hunt.

Your greatest musical moment?
Thats a hard one cause I enjoy most of them. Did a few good support gigs for the Warratahs and that was good. Also, whenever my brother is playing the drums with me - thats great. He's in Melbourne now.
Your musical dream?
To keep expressing myself through my music and to have another all originals band. I dream of that.
Your best recent listen?

Josh Rouse "Under Cold Blue Stars" - great singer songwriter - songs from the heart...good accoustic based rock. Also "Long Shadows" by Joe Strumer from The Clash - he wrote it for Johnny Cash and it tells about what Cash has done for music and the Long Shadow he cast with his death.

Your thoughts about the Kapiti Live Music Club?
I have been involved in the club since 1989 when it first started at the boating club. Its doing good. I started performing there with my early originals and still doing it. It's a place where people will always listen to you and a good place to meet other songwriters.
Contact Details.
P O Box 57012, Mana or